General information about adding new users

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When adding a new user, you should start by asking yourself what type of user this is and what permission level is appropriate. 

There are two types of users, internal users and external users. An internal user is most usually a colleague, someone in your organisation. An external user, is usually someone outside your organisation, and will not have any access to the web application.

First, add internal users to your organisation

When adding an internal user, you must first add that user to your organisation. You must be an Admin or a Manager to invite a user to your organisation. 

Under the Admin section on the main page, go to "Settings", then "Users", and then click on the button "Invite new user". Add the users name and email, and select the appropriate role. Take a look at our Organisational roles matrix for a complete overview

Those who have not yet accepted their invitation will have the status "Invited". In case they can't find their invitation email, you can easily generate a new one by selecting "Resend invitation".

Then, manage access on specific projects

To get started, from inside a project, go to the page called "Manage access". 

There are two main types of users that can be given access to a project, internal and external users.

Internal users

Internal users are your colleagues who have been added as users to your organization. These can then be added to the specific project. Select add internal user, and then select the user from the dropdown menu. Assign the user a project role. Have a look at the Project roles matrix for a complete overview

External users

In addition to internal users, you can also add external users. External users are yards, specialists, class society or any type of company you would like to give access. You would normally give external users access to only certain work orders on the mobile inspection app. That way they will be neither able to log on to the web app nor see any of the other work orders that they are not assigned to on the mobile app.

Before adding the specific external user, you must select which company they represent. All previously added companies will show in the drop down menu. If you don't see the company in the list, you can add/create a new company in the input field to the right.

Next, you add the specific user. You only need to add the name and email address. Please make sure that the email address is correct. The email address is required in order to send an invitation email with instructions to the user.

Once you have added the external user, you will need to select that user in the user list and switch on the "Mark as responsible" for the work orders the user needs access to. External users will only see those work orders that are "switched on".

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